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Bags and boxes 00 non easy generation 7 homework 5 exceed the standard sleep of a primary school in Chengdu, the first grade students to pack weighing nearly 7 pounds. "My parents Tucao for children crying, the homework was too much" expert advice "students can not do without the burden, to avoid the burden of" 24 days, WCC version 03 "to" 00 "than" 90 "more money, more accustomed to" network survival ", with the data described after 00" the little capricious, the money spent, love the Internet side, today, we focus on the "00 after" the other side of the day before, Shenzhen some schools parents were crying in the circle of friends shuabing. The parents said, they read the fourth grade primary school children at night more than eleven points in homework, "I, as a mother, for my children crying, too much homework." A few days ago, Ms. Liang Liang Chengdu circle of friends also Tucao, and caused a number of parents resonance, now the primary school is not good when." In October 20th, China Youth Research Center issued the "after" 00 "research and development". The survey shows that over 7 operations exceed the standard "after 00", their extracurricular class time is 2 times more than half of the 90, after "00" lack of sleep. The 00 day after the operation of pupils "hidden" burning the midnight oil 24 2 pm, Ms. Liang received on message, "language: Readings and dictation, writing picture. Mathematics: complete papers, two pages of results……" Ms. Leung’s children in Chengdu, a primary school in the two grade, text messages are sent to school children’s day list. Ms. Liang sighed, this evening, it is 9 o’clock do endless rhythm." Every day at 6:30 in the afternoon, Ms. Liang’s other work began, a lot of work, such as dictation, reading, parents have to work together to complete." In addition, there are many hidden work. Ms. Leung’s mobile phone, there is a special group: dedicated operations. "This is the English vocabulary exercises, this is a interesting question, mathematics, mental arithmetic." Ms. Liang said that these operations are not mandatory requirements must be completed, but this is a ranking, ranking low, not a small red flower, the child’s heart will not be comfortable." A "burning the midnight oil to 9 is often the case, Ms. Liang as" 80 "very helpless:" when we read the primary school, after school homework was finished before, now the children, is not easy." Three years of junior high school to break the tour one day in June this year, the cram school in 5, the end of the exam, mr.. "Three years have not traveled, this can finally play a good." Recall her daughter’s school life, Mr. Zhao to describe the tragic history. Although the day, but the daughter at home does not have much time. "Every day at 9:30 the next evening, weekend on Sunday morning classes, only at home, but also in the homework." In the impression of Mr. Zhao, the daughter’s homework seems never to finish, there are several times, I have the night shift, she was still in front of the desk, the table spread a pile of information." While distressed daughter, and had to give her daughter reported a variety of training courses. "At the beginning of the day相关的主题文章: