Marbury likes Tianjin has a lot of promotion that is very interesting to play with one person 姉summer

Marbury says Tianjin has greatly improved and a very interesting person called against Marbury and the Beijing morning news (reporter Jett   Liu Chen) Beijing Shougang Basketball tonight will be away to Tianjin team, for this season with three foreign aid, strength is not small, let the soldiers arrived yesterday not neglect. From Ji’nan with three straight back to Beijing, Shougang team ushered in a rare period of adjustment, injured Yue Sun and Ji Zhe even said "good thing". The team did not play, but the coach group arranged team teaching match and physical training such as the combination of high strength, is to keep the players have just found the game feeling and fitness. Against the Shandong team before Maurice came knee effusion news, but big hit 34+11 in the game, set the tone for the win. This few days of training, he is also absent, "a lot of people are playing, no matter what i." Shougang team arrived in Tianjin yesterday to prepare for tonight’s game. Marbury believes that the former Shougang team away against Tianjin team is quite difficult, but this season the opponent has three foreign aid, "which makes their strength has greatly increased, their core jet is before the Shandong team of foreign aid, he is a very competitive player, and he always played very interesting." Marbury also mentioned that the Tianjin team beat Shanxi in the fourth round, indicating that their state is very good adjustment, but also need to pay more attention to the Shougang team opponents. After the reversal of the victory over the Shanxi team, the Tianjin team also achieved three winning streak. Is the service, Jeter scored 44 points, and 8 assists, revitalize the team. Asian foreign aid Sonny in the distal to withstand pressure, become another key factor of winning the Tianjin team, he composed with the aid of Taylor’s inside combination is a challenge for Maurice et al. The defense started Shougang team will try to limit the jet, more importantly, the team needs to continue the recent good feeling on the offensive end, play past patience and smooth in the organization and conduction of the ball. From the performance of the last three games, Zhang Qingpeng, Zhai Xiaochuan and other domestic players to play a stable, Yue Sun and the state is also looking back on the state of the state of the world, such as the United States and the United States, and so on.相关的主题文章: