Shiyan 102 year old war veteran Liu Jishou has participated in the battle to participate in a number sql server 2000 个人版

Shiyan 102 year old war veteran Liu Jishou has participated in a number of battles to participate in the war in Shanxi and other places to participate in the war of resistance against Japan, the age of a person alone to take a train to Beijing to play in. This newspaper has repeatedly reported 102 year old war veteran Liu Jishou died on the morning of 10. Old Liu Jishou was born in February 1914, is the town of Huang Shu Jia Dian Cun, Zhangwan district (formerly Yunxian Yao hometown people). In July 1937, 24 year old Liu Jishou enlisted in Guanghua county (now Laohekou City) in more than a month of military training, military training and then to Xiaogan for a month, then the train arrived in Shanxi County of Wenxi Province town of South Gate, then it was arranged on the battlefield. The old man recalls, he then participated in more than a dozen battles such as daguizi, Xinkou battle, Zhongtiaoshan campaign, at least six or seven days, difficult for a dozen days, 20 days, even the longest battle fought for more than a month’s time. August 1942, learned that the old father was seriously ill, Liu Jishou leave home, then farming at home, living by farming. At the age of more than and 70, Liu Jishou elderly often travel, Shaanxi, Baoji, Xi’an and Qinling Mountains have been to the big wild goose pagoda; Taibai Mountain also appeared; Chongqing, Yichang and other places have also shopped. Once, the son of Liu Wenhan in Beijing to learn, has more than and 80 year old Liu Jishou know, even a person alone to Beijing to find his son. A few days ago, Grandpa felt chest tightness, but made it clear that he did not go to the hospital, want to go home, may feel their time is running out." Yesterday morning, Liu Jishou’s granddaughter, sadly told reporters, 10 am at about 5 am, the old man quietly leave. 11 afternoon, the Federation of trade unions staff volunteers and some college students went to the town of volunteers Huang Shu Village, attended the memorial activities of the elderly. Sweep code big Chu Shiyan, see more exciting content!相关的主题文章: