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How much salary is high income? 120 thousand yuan this standard should improve the State Council recently issued the "focus on stimulating the vitality of key groups to promote the implementation of urban and rural residents income" (hereinafter referred to as the "opinions"). "Opinions" requirements, to further reduce the tax burden on the income of the following, to play the role of income adjustment, appropriate to increase the tax adjustment of high-income earners. Obviously, raising the low control is still the focus of the reform of the income distribution system, but also the most effective means to expand the middle-income groups, improve the structure of income distribution, and enhance the distribution of social wealth. However, in the future if we want to increase the tax adjustment for high-income earners, it will encounter a very real problem – how we define the current and future high-income earners. According to the National Bureau of Statistics announced in 2015 the average wage data, the average wage of employees surveyed units of 53615 yuan. 120 thousand yuan, from the national point of view, is indeed a very high figure. In accordance with the existing tax rules, the income of more than 120 thousand yuan by the end of the tax authorities to tax. However, in the north of Guangzhou Shenzhen these first-tier cities, in fact, the annual income of 120 thousand yuan is not what distant thing, and life can easily. 2015, the average wage of 85038 yuan in Beijing, the average wage of workers in Shanghai, $71269, the average wage of workers in Shenzhen, 81036 yuan, annual income of $120 thousand is not far away. And that’s just the average wage. For the deep North white-collar workers, the annual salary of 100 thousand -20 million is more common. The high income standards set at 120 thousand yuan, will make a lot of ordinary white-collar workers are classified as high-income earners, and thus may bear their own economic capacity does not match the high taxes. In recent years, China’s steady economic growth, however, labor costs continue to increase, the rapid growth of the income of workers throughout and it can be expected that the future with the reduction of the demographic dividend, the wages of workers will still maintain a high growth rate. In Beijing, for example, in accordance with the average wage of 85038 yuan last year, the average wage of workers in Beijing, with an average annual growth rate of about 7%, about 5 years, the average wage of workers in Beijing will be able to reach a high income standard of $120 thousand. At that time, Beijing is everywhere high income? The higher standard is too low, it will expand the influence of the middle income group, the impact of these areas by expanding the ". Whether it is realistic, or facing the future, high income standards should be a substantial adjustment to the future rapid growth of national income to leave enough policy redundancy. Expand the number of middle-income groups, the establishment of a stable olive shaped society, but also a substantial increase in the standard line of high income, greater tolerance for the middle-income class policy. A personal income tax is not intended to make money, but to adjust the distribution of social wealth, social fairness, in this process, beware of injury to the middle. It is worth noting that, in the opinion, also appeared to deepen the reform of income distribution system, adjust the income distribution structure in the development of the introduction of differentiated income distribution incentive policy requirements. "Opinions" requirements, to further reduce the tax burden on those below the median income, middle-income groups are obviously concerned about the policy.相关的主题文章: