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Hu Jun Wang Yiou unveiled the   JUN  Festival; brand; by  YO won the "2016 annual fashion brand award" – Fashion – September 29th, Phoenix Fashion once a year "fashion" in the ceremony held at the Park Hyatt Hotel Beijing, the site of many world-class Chinese fashion elite and hundreds of Chinese media gathered Sheng — Hu Jun, Hu Bing, Xu Weizhou, He Sui, Ouyang Nana, Li Qin and other stars have also appeared in the scene and shine the festival, issued 16 Fashion Awards, designed to reward contribution to fashion celebrities. JUN BY YO clothing brand famous actor and designer Hu Jun, designer and fashion industry investor Wang Yiou co founded ultimately won the highly anticipated 2016 annual fashion brand award ", is high enough. Hu Jun dressed in black leather and their own brand Festival appeared earlier JUN YO 2016 handsome by series men’s conference in Beijing held the first time, the 39 muscle manhunt interpretation of nearly 40 sets of new, full energy momentum away, also makes the audience feel "fans walking" passion close heatwave hormone. After Hu Jun announced a high-profile when a "loyal to himself" the designer, is willing to use the brand as a "super hero, the true nature of" new style endorsement, Chinese men do for their own fashion brand. The fashion festival Hu Jun dressed in their own brand JUN by YO Black Leather stitching handsome boarded the red carpet, handsome than Poxian tough domineering; and JUN by YO brand also deliver the goods after the final vote, won the "2016 annual fashion brand award, becoming the biggest winner of the night. For Hu Jun’s "road", partner Wang Yiou in the interview also gave a high evaluation: "outside the screen, can be called a person in pursuit of perfection, in the ‘designer’ identity I found him to be a detail control, for details of the control can be said very strict. In addition to give me a very big feeling is that he can continue to work in my surprise, especially reflected in the creative aspects of surprise." Hu Jun Wang Yiou was the first brand award play cross-border fashion brand YO by JUN spare no effort from birth to now won the approval of fashion designers and fashion industry investor Wang Yiou also give full play to the opinion and the management in the design of the professionals, the "tough style" concept also put forward a new concept to create the direction, with Hu Jun Everfount inspiration injection, two people tacit cooperation in the early communication and making adjustment continuously under the increasingly perfect, to create a China less distinctive Menswear brand. On the same day Wang Yiou invited to attend the ceremony, dressed in a black dress with elegant stage partner Hu Jun jointly accepted brand award. From the clothing show hot fashion circle now won extensive acclaim, the next step of the strategic plan JUN by YO also attracted a lot of conjecture, asked about the brand’s latest move, designer Hu Jun said the brand has been in preparation for the spring and summer series: "we now have started to go into the design of the spring and summer, but first, we still have to own products)相关的主题文章: