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Baby to do the documents are here of not Baipao Sohu maternal social order coordination documents, sometimes annoying to the miserable. Everyone is born with a variety of documents to deal with, in preparation for our birth, the certificate is an indispensable part of. Plan to the baby’s friends, look at the birth of the baby what documents are required. Birth certificate, birth certificate, neonatal health insurance, child vaccination certificate, residence booklet, identity card. Born for three months [] birth certificate materials of mothers at the time of admission to hospital, asked to fill out the "birth certificate" was single hospital will do, "born medical proof" for baby. Birth certificate is the baby’s first life file on the child’s account, enrollment, etc. has an indispensable role. For 3 months after the birth of the baby, the hospital time. For the materials were single generally has the following contents: parents name, ID number, nationality, baby name, baby registered address, mother address of residence, number of beds. If the hospital just haven’t had the baby’s name, you can first use the nickname instead of. But in the "birth certificate", we must give the baby a good name. Recommended expectant mothers can give the baby a good name in advance. Warm tips when you receive the birth certificate to be carefully checked. If there is a fill in error, should be timely to the hospital for replacement. "Birth certificate" shall be strictly prohibited from being altered, once altered, regarded as invalid. Within three months of birth (child vaccination certificate) for a month after the birth of the child. Handle material 1 booklet; 2 birth certificate (if no birth certificate can bring birth certificate); 3 babies born in the birth hospital vaccination BCG vaccine and hepatitis B vaccination card. For the location of the vaccination units to assume the work of vaccination, street community health service center. Born within three months of the [account] on this account, the longer the delay, the more materials submitted for handling; and you can not do without the account of neonatal health insurance. Born for material 1 baby "proof" medicine 2 parents "marriage certificate" 3 "booklet" 4 one parent in the province to provide issued by the public security organs have not been set up to prove the baby. Location of the parent (mother) domicile police station. Before birth birth certificate for [] for the time after pregnancy pregnancy can be, but need to go in before birth. The place for man or woman’s domicile or residence of the township (town, street) for material 1 couples Id original and copies of each; 2 couples marriage certificate and copies of each; 3 recent 2 couples with hat 2 inch photos 1. If the child is 4, that currently only gave birth to a fetal material. Reminder: if two people are busy, no way to live, can also be commissioned by the family before the relevant information.相关的主题文章: