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Zheng Shuang steal ball by age collocation weight recovery to regain good clothes products lead: Recently, filming "summer solstice" cool sister paper frequently by fans "tracking", netizens also surprised to discover that the small cool slightly fat so lost. But this is to add a little weight, successfully rescued her thin thin image, good clothing products will return. (Editor: Gon Freecss @ off meat Zheng Shuang Airport) like other adorable Maruko recently, is filming "summer solstice" Zheng Shuangmei paper, fans frequently enter the field of vision. Fortunately, although the younger sister paper personality dictates, but the fans are exceptionally good. For a while in the studio with the occasional fans embrace, and for a while the sugar to eat after the car fans, always a warm love beans strong on the line. The editors also surprised to find that, by virtue of "smile" popularity soared again very little cool girl, probably because a lot of pressure to reduce weight, some recovery. A pair of chopsticks leg slightly scary disappeared, once the good clothing is also an instant return. Recently, Zheng Shuang airport looks like my adorable, loose T-shirt collocation with the color of the hat, plus a little cool new short hair style, like to go on holiday cherry. On the other, to reduce the age, may wish to look at childhood cartoons. By age Zoe Karssen collocation striped T-shirt 806 yuan cap 3000 yuan Steve J & Dsquared2; Yoni P Levi’s jeans 2247 yuan Zheng Shuang shirt collocation in fact, since since "smiled very little" login screen, Zheng Shuangmei paper in quietly changed the United states. Weight is said to be the natural enemies of clothing products, in some cases, this sentence really makes sense. Some time ago lost Zheng Shuang, a pair of chopsticks leg is always with some horror. But after a little fat back, the natural beauty of the return. Is still thin the ranks of Zheng Shuang, also found a way to block chopsticks leg, that is wearing trousers! Printed shirt and trousers collocation, fresh and a little handsome. The recommended Stella McCartney stamp printed shirt collocation shirt 3814 yuan Frame bell 1980 yuan Eytys white shoes 1453 yuan Zheng Shuang wear cowboy collocation in addition to immersed in the beautiful pants, Zheng Shuang also found a way to make her look not so thin that fashionable elements, cowboy. Denim fabric natural contour texture, can make a single product is not so close fitting, a pair of chopsticks legs naturally invisible. Slightly generous design also allows Zheng Shuang to upgrade the degree of fashion. Whole body Current Elliott denim jacket cowboy collocation recommended 4427 yuan Burberry Brit Steve J & T-shirt 1493 yuan; Yoni P Levi’s 2247 yuan Zheng Shuang fresh paper recently Shuangmei cowboy collocation Zheng whole cowboy collocation is love, not only at the airport through the same color of the cowboy collocation, still set in a sense of the level of the body is more fun cowboy.相关的主题文章: