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"2 men" team spirit really shocked Liyan Tong guilty tears – education Sohu Liyan Tong   entertainment; entertainment news Sohu Friday evening 20:20, jointly produced by the empty political television art center and the Hunan TV’s original large national defense education special program "real man" in the second quarter? Article continue to fiery strikes. After Thor commandos Tiexue training, eight Air Force recruits a breakthrough in two aspects of physical fitness and will, with full confidence and high morale, new recruits to open a new journey to the next station. This program, Wang Wei LED monitor recruits entered the air force in the air force ace forces — the "hero" of the camp, in the hero’s army recruits, how to deal with the new challenges of the highly anticipated, while in the previous episode, turned "domineering female man" whether Liyan Tong can be "aggressive" continue "the whole camp a gun" for the purpose of the spirit of "hero camp" training journey, Yaya will encounter unexpected situations which? The first phase of the program, eight Air Force recruits into the barracks immediately accept the fitness test test, high temperature baked barely finished Liyan Tong physical sit up close to the limit, in the next part of the push up Yaya Tilibuzhi obviously, sister Yang Mi beside concerns said "you can’t do you get down". In the shooting session, due to a shoulder injury Yaya but say "I give up", but the external weak Liyan Tong in the program to refresh everyone’s point of view, the helicopter is slipping lead, protection to bursting, this program, what really happened to Yaya again said "I do", from "I give up" to "me" to "I do", dramatic ups and downs of the program brilliant. As a history of the world air defense antiaircraft missile to shoot down enemy planes, the precedent of Chairman Mao’s life only once into the business unit level system, the air force to guide the "hero camp" will be "the camp of a gun" to the implementation of the spirit of the most incisive, such a force has strict requirements on team consciousness and among the ideas, a walkthrough is turned into the capacity of the soldiers to be vigilant against time, seize the opportunity, just enter the recruits due to their severity is not fully aware of the problem, such as a result when the alarm sounded not within the prescribed time arrive at the designated place, causing all the soldiers to accept the "push". Has the advantage of the physical fitness, Liyan Tong can only say "I can’t do it again," and a "to do" but will deliver Yaya unfinished tasks to other comrades. " People make mistakes, the battalion punished "and" who do not, the entire Battalion soldiers together, this is done instead of "the" hero camp "camp a gun" spirit. See all of our comrades together or accept the punishment, Liyan Tong feel guilty, has been deeply infected, she is full of tears and together with the slender arms of a push to start, the scene is very touching. Enter the army, the recruits receive not only physical exercise, more is to feel the unique spirit of camp, volition, stimulate the potential. Open a new journey, the eight Air Force recruits will bring us how a steady stream of positive energy, lock Hunan TV, November 11th.相关的主题文章: