Entrepreneurial Genius 买野生猕猴被抓 躲深山5年被抓

Fashion-Style It takes much entrepreneurial spirit and an eye for market trends to become a successful businessman. This is exactly what happened to two sixteen year olds who went into the shoe business and quickly became successful. Jeffery-West started customising shoes that were rejects and then selling them in the markets of Northamptonshire and also in London. It was fortuitous that one of the lads fathers owned a shoe factory so all the rejects came from there. It was not long before the boys started making their own designs. Young age was against them initially as no one would take them seriously. To this end they enlisted a few people to do various jobs. One person bought the leather for them, another cut the designs and a third made the shoes up in a factory. When all the designs were made up, they were packed in boxes and so to market. There was a setback, however in that the shoe factory was closed after the death of the father. However, this spurred the lads on to set up their own company, which they probably wouldnt have if they had inherited the factory. They set to make a collection of shoes to sell in shoe shops and then chanced their arm to approach a bank with the aim of procuring a loan. This was successful as banks in those days were much more open to ideas and the managers generally knew the people in their area. These days there would have been little chance for such young businessmen. The mens shoe business is a difficult business, as the male population is very conservative in their choice of shoes. However the two men decided to style them with flamboyance to set them apart from the well-established shoe manufacturers of London. They were lucky to live in an age where there were many prominent actors and men tried to be more flamboyant and tried to set themselves apart from their more traditional counterparts. Their styles came in many different colours and quirky designs. It helped that famous people liked them. As is humans nature, people like to copy their heroes. The company now owns five shops and their interior is very different from the normal high street outlets. They have an old world feel about them; it is like stepping into an antique shop. They are almost all small outlets with heavy red curtains. They have been designed so differently that they feel like you are stepping into a bygone era. They are designed to be uncluttered spaces, but with many other things to see. There are not only shoes on display in these outlets, but also quirky artworks and other things. It should be an interesting shopping experience for the modern man. These days Jeffery-West does not only sell shoes, but many accessories too such as rings, umbrellas, wallets, scarves and hats. All these accessories are as individual as their shoe designs. You should visit one of their shops to appreciate a unique shopping experience. 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