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Marketing Communication with patients and the public is so much easier than it used to be. At Angel MedFlight, we have a variety of methods to reach out to everyone about company developments, safety requirements, and uplifting stories. Through social media channels and online web tools, Angel MedFlight can be accessed anytime and anywhere. People can make informed decisions with a wealth of knowledge at their fingertips. We have a goal with our social media efforts. That goal is to meet you and raise awareness about air ambulances. It is surprising the number of people we speak with that had no idea a service or company like ours existed. If you are a family member of a patient, a current or previous patient, or just someone who loves the aviation or medical industry, we would like to get to know you while you to get to know us – what we stand for, what we strive to achieve, and what we plan to do as leaders in the air ambulance field. Facebook has been, by far, the best social media channel for communication among Angel MedFlight patients and followers. In fact, we have just began a loose schedule of daily topics including staff profiles, trivia, and much more. Our presence on Facebook delivers helpful information regarding air ambulance safety and industry best practices – oh, and some really great photos, too. We showcase the Lear jets, hangar, flight crew, aerial shots, and more. Our following is growing and we are excited to have them along for the ride. YouTube is another excellent social media resource for the public. Through videos, we are able to give the public more access to the things they want to see – the planes, the stories, and the reason Angel MedFlight is a leader in the air ambulance industry. Our videographers wish to bring our viewers in on the experience of each scenario. Whether it be a charitable event or an emergency flight situation, we want people to see the good that can come from an otherwise unfortunate situation. Travel Assurance Promise, a membership program we partner with, is social too! Learn more about travel safety, destination deals, and dream getaways. If you haven’t discovered our social media channels, we invite you to do so. Be informed, entertained, and enlightened with touching stories and eye-catching media. Interact with us as well by asking questions, commenting on statuses, and communicating with others sharing your interests. Let’s talk! About the Author: Angel MedFlight coordinates domestic and international air medical transportation services, commercial medical flights, ground ambulance services and provides discretionary insurance benefit assistance. Angel MedFlights One Touch Promise assures every detail is handled and all resources are committed to guide the process from start to finish with a compassionate team of experts in the fields of medicine, aviation, insurance law and case management. Article Published On: – Marketing 相关的主题文章: