Strategic-Planning If youve just started your business and aiming at being part of the 20% of ventures that survive the first five years of business 云南破获特大运毒 电扇吹脸一夜面瘫

Strategic-Planning If youve just started your business and aiming at being part of the 20% of ventures that survive the first five years of business, then follow these five simple strategise and place your business on the right track NOW; To begin with, your start-up business strategies differ from those of an existing business because start-up businesses have obstacles to overcome that existing business may not necessarily face. When youre starting a business, some of the strategies you can put in place include writing and putting together a business plan, learning everything there is to know about your clients, setting measurable goals and putting these goals in writing. All of these business start-up strategies help create a vision and direction for your company. To start with, follow these five simple steps: 1. Write a Smart Business Plan When youre starting a business, researching, writing and putting together a smart business plan requires you to review your business idea and structure from many different angles, including operations, marketing and finance. If you want to obtain financing for your business, you need a formal and written business plan to present to the lender or investor. Even if you do not need to apply for financing, assembling a business plan is a start-up strategy that details your vision for the company, and with which you can guide your business. 2. Get to Know Your Ideal Customer In order to be able to sell to your customers you have to learn everything there is to know about them, who they are and what they do. You can conduct research on who your customers are, what they like, what they dont like and more by researching companies that cater to a similar audience, using data collected by the ABS ( Australian Bureau of Statistics) or Census Bureau or by reviewing data collected on similar industries by the Small Business Administration. By taking a strategic approach to getting to know your customers, you are in a better position to create products and services, marketing messages and more that reach and speak directly to your customers. 3. Attract Your Ideal Customer Establish a professional web site with effective headlines and call to action. Offer your customers money back guarantee and try before you buy approach. Treat your web site as an employee and ensure that sales are generated online with minimum efforts from your customers. Decide what is your differentiating factor and why customers buy your products and who else deals with your customers. 4. Establish Strategic Alliances Study your channels to market, and decide which is the most effective and most profitable channel. Sometimes its far more profitable to sell your products through a third party by establishing a strategic alliance with like-minded people in your industry. ensure that your agreement is in writing and monitor your stock on hand at all times. A column price should be established for varying quantities of items and a delivery or any other associated costs should be added to the item. 5. Set Measurable Goals Its hard to see how successful your business is or which adjustments you need to make without setting goals for your business by which you can then measure your progress. Set and write down at least two to three goals you want to your business to accomplish and set a deadline for reaching each of the goals. Then track your progress. For example, a strategic goal may be to reach sales of $100,000 for the first year in business. During the first year in business, compile the daily, weekly and monthly sales numbers to measure your progress in reaching your goal. In conclusion, the expression of the old and now very redundant adage still rings loud and clear; if you fail to plan you plan to fail. However, if your are unclear about which path to take and on how to go about setting up your start-up dream, then give me a call today and get on the fast track to multiplying your wealth! To Your Achievement of a Greater Success Michael Yacoub, The Success Coach About the Author: 相关的主题文章: