Autumn Qingming River Park, tourism product picture – Sohu ‘Kaifeng remonstrate

Autumn Qingming River Park, dream picture – Sohu of Henan tourism products Bianjing, as one of the birthplaces of Chinese civilization important, not only is a populous province, is a cultural province, a province of tourism, not only within the territory of Shaolin Temple, Longmen Grottoes, Yin Ruins such renowned historical sites, but also in Yuntai Mountain, Baiyun Mountain, Laojun Mountain, Yaoshan, Funiu Mountain, hill? This famous Chinese natural landscape, but if that is representative of the theme park, I believe many of my friends can only think of the opening of the Qingming River Park, why? Because the Qingming River Park is not only the eleven national AAAAA level scenic spots in Henan, the only theme park, but also the ancient capital of the eight dynasties, China’s outstanding tourist city – the only one of Kaifeng AAAAA scenic spots. Qingming River Park is a city in the Song Dynasty culture as the theme of large-scale historical and Cultural Park, which is in accordance with the Northern Song Dynasty famous painter Zhang Zeduan’s masterpiece "Qingming Festival" is modeled by 1: 1 the proportion of construction, it is the most famous scenic spots, but also can be said to be traveling landmarks, when traveling to a few people, no reason to miss. When we go to is under a drizzle, into the park, the front is Zhang Zeduan holding the "riverside" reel stand with a group of relief sculpture, behind the screen wall, content, oars, horse, cattle, sedan chair labor, catering and other scenes of life in Song dynasty. Here, a beautiful girl in the song to meet up, and for us to explain carefully. Beauty is on the starting from the larger version of the stone "riverside", she said: "the Qingming Festival, on the river is the folk customs, is like fair meaning, in vivid depiction of the Qingming this heavenly river, roughly divided into three parts on the outskirts of spring, Kaifeng Kaifeng the river scene, the city streets". About painting, she led us into the picture, the first is to walk down a corridor on both sides covered with chrysanthemums, and some song dress stalls dotted, suddenly make Yufan eyes bright, a picture of the stone arch bridge on the as like as two peas lying quietly in a Shiba, a Song Dynasty style architecture built by the water, let people feel the teahouse row upon row of passing through the time tunnel, back thousands of years before the Northern Song Dynasty bustling capital. Go to Hongqiao, so high, overlooking Pinglan, "Qingming Festival" in the beauty unfold before your eyes, as if we cut through to the Northern Song Dynasty Bianjing markets, restaurants, chasi, pawnshops, foot shop, butcher, temple, court, and the production of embroidery, porcelain ring, wood, textile, printing New Year paintings the tea ceremony, the workshop which spread everywhere in the song equipment vendors and artists, performers, spit fire blowing sugar, sell, Clay oven rolls brandish juggling, playing game, puppet, dough, yaotouhuangnao, telling the ragged beggar, carrying the bridal sedan, catch a cab on the river, pulling carts and sheep car business, people, public place of entertainment, wine flag fluttering, cheers, waves of hoofs, a bustling Kyoto style flow between our eyes. . During the walk, farm tools, water tankers, mills, weaving machines and other appliances quietly recounting the Song Dynasty years of evolution, when playing darts;相关的主题文章: