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Baiyangdian pick lotus fined 500 yuan of the board who hit him – Sohu comments on October 6th morning, Hubei tourists Wang Xingchao told the surging news, because the 13 year old children picked a lotus in the lotus garden Baiyangdian scenic attractions, he was fined 500 yuan, "I think it is not reasonable," he said unable to provide tickets and receipts for fines. (October 8th China Youth Network) every holiday travel, there are always some things add up. It’s not a tourist who is killed, but something else on the way. Although these did not affect the heat of the golden week, but for those tourists, it is not fair. On the side of unified coordination brigade Department reflects a difference, but also reflects a ground for the tourism industry efforts to control, if not a good solution to this kind of situation, golden week will appear more economic depression, may affect the image of the tourist city. Customer is God, this has become a consensus. But for some tourist attractions, not to have God to guide rational consumption, but a way to stimulate the sensitive nerve of God, and even lead to a burst of feeling. The golden week, the public opinion focus is undoubtedly Baiyangdian picking lotus fined 500 yuan a piece, although it is not civilized behavior, reflect the customer does not provide tickets and receipts, but did not affect the attention of netizens. Experienced in many tourism primary problems, visitors seem to have no excuse that the authenticity of the patient, once in the tourism of public opinion itself directly wind sways grass, waving to the tourist city party management. This is a one-sided speech, but one is not without basis. A staff member surnamed Ma Baiyangdian lotus garden scenic spot of the said, "the regulations did not explicitly say that picking a flower flower pick two fined 500 yuan, fined 1000 yuan, the specific amount of fines depending on the circumstances and. According to him, the specific amount of security decisions imposed by the fine, the seriousness of the case by the judge. The question is, who gave the security the right to open a ticket? The value of a lotus itself is how many, how can the behavior of a flower be bad to the top level of 500 yuan? As the staff said, "fine should not be security personal behavior, we have received a fine must be reported to the leadership, unified to do", but this is not the invoice and receipt of the behavior, the ghost know into whose pockets? This reminds us of some of the day-to-day arbitrary law enforcement? Baiyangdian Lake Lotus Park scenic spots from his Hebei Baiyangdian Lotus Garden Limited company operations, by the Baiyangdian scenic zone unified management, all the management provisions including fines, are required to report, agreed to implement. Need to understand is that these fine behavior is not related to approval and implementation of the specific number of people who should participate in the practice of punishment? Should the fine be invoiced? In addition, for this event, as long as the treatment, can not find the reason? Each security has a fixed area of work, as long as the contact feedback visitors, how can there be no fixed statement? During the period of January 2015 to the Spring Festival, according to the order of the tourism market and visitors to reflect the strong, the National Tourism Administration and public security, industry and commerce, price, transportation and other related departments linkage, to dominate the market, monopoly market?相关的主题文章: