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Beijing Daily: the amount of brush joke broke from the media Myth – the media – original title: the amount of brush joke broke from the media myth recently, along with the WeChat system update, many of the original amount of reading easy to achieve the "100 thousand +" large public, send the amount of reading has shrunk dramatically, some even only the usual one of the few. "The tide, the only know who is swimming naked!" Reading the amount of false bubble was punctured, people really see the new media from the media fragile ecological integrity. In fact, false "100 thousand +" but is the logic of capital under cover. Brush from the machine, to the generation of the brush, the amount of reading behind the fraud is a hidden and systematic industrial chain. Text reading volume of 15 yuan a thousand times, forwarded to share a hundred times the amount of $40, there are active powder WeChat powder 20 yuan…… While the amount of brush industry price tag, while the price from the media advertising industry is increasingly rising. The interests of the temptations of psychological speculation, spawned a lot of the facial puffiness enterprise valuation. In reading, the false number of fans support, operators earned a pours, fans were playing around, at the expense of the world who rely on the strength of the part of the people. With the rapid development of the means of communication, all kinds of news clients and media platforms have become an important source of information. The market frenzy, let some of the new media platform that some forget, every minute you can replace the traditional media. In the discourse system of them, filled with a variety of traditional media, such as the obsolescence of the demise of bad mouthing the sound, it seems that the traditional media no director, dim prospects. But the reality is the most convincing. As a new industry, since the media problems of law regulation is not mature, for hard, fuzzy operation is not transparent, easily in the fury of the carnival, a vanity fair some people each one takes what he needs. This is a departure from the media should bear the mission, how can we expect it to assume the social responsibility? Brush the huge and attractive interests of the conveyor chain, so that the network ecological damage, hurt the real quality of content producers. The era of mass information, is not short of information, lack of valuable high-quality information. In this regard, the traditional media has obvious advantages. Professional writing, experienced the gatekeeper, years of accumulation of credibility, quality assurance is the content production. After a period of time we see the media since the mighty wave crashing on a sandy shore, the tide is receding once raging like a storm, the mainstream of public opinion in the field of sound and authoritative information still comes from traditional media and new media company. Media convergence is not a passive, represent the general trend, but the water. The new media as a means of communication, to a large extent, can not be separated from the source of traditional media nourishment. It is worth looking forward to the integration of the road, is based on traditional media, with the help of new media technology, so that valuable information to reach more people. (commissioning editor Song Xinrui and Yan Shuai)相关的主题文章: