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"Double 11" eight years: buy buy buy China online shopping consumer experience changed? "Cut the hand to buy buy buy, Chinese online shopping consumer experience, what changes? — the perspective of "double 11" eight years "double 11" is approaching, many hand chop party had the right goods collection or add to cart, on the 11 morning rush to open hands. Since Taobao mall in November 11, 2009 to "singles day" promotion name first date, "double 11" from a home appliance business creative sales gimmick, evolved into a global manufacturer and supplier in China consumer Carnival day. 8 years, from the "buy national" to "buy the world", from the purchase price to buy quality, from the "next week" to "day", "double 11 changes" experience, reflects the joy and distress China consumption market and Chinese economy. A change from "buy national" to "buy the world", daily consumption rose from 52 million yuan to over one hundred billion yuan, according to Alibaba’s data show that in 2009 the "double 11" Ali’s business platform daily trading volume is only 52 million yuan, the next few years, trading volume to grow exponentially in 2015 reached 91 billion 217 million yuan. Some institutions predict that this year, double 11 transaction scale will enter one hundred billion yuan. Behind the surge in consumer spending is to participate in the platform, the increase in the number of brands. In addition, and other well-known Jingdong have to participate in the competition, the number of businesses on the network platform is growing fast. Ali’s platform, for example, from 2009 to 2014, to participate in the double 11 activities of the brand from 27 to 42 thousand. At the same time, consumers from buying the country extended to buy the world". Anhui Province, Hefei city resident Cao Yuan said, 8 years ago, he was a "Bachelor" campus, will only buy books on Taobao, the past few days, the new daddy sitting at home to sea Amoy of milk produced in new zealand. Want to buy homes, which country commodity can be." 2015 "double 11", more than 30 million consumers in Tmall to buy international brands of goods, resulting in transactions in countries and regions to reach 232. This year, Tmall overseas stores from October 21st began to start the pre-sale activities. Thailand Chiang Mai oh my grocery souvenir shop owner Wang boss is trying in the WeChat store, discount eleven double planning activities, direct mail sales for Chinese market. "Double 11 ‘period, the number of sea Amoy will rise sharply, the overseas market also has a double 11 Carnival opportunity". Wang said the boss. Two changes: from the purchase price to buy quality, consumer brand awareness crescendo "the first two years," double 11 "concept is not known. Promotion is the name ‘singles’ name, such as the 50 percent off promotional activities, full capacity reduction, a substantial discount is very attractive. 2010, I was still in college, was curious to see, the results did not control, spent nearly a thousand dollars." With ten years of experience in online shopping Beijing citizens Zhao Jing memories. The industry believes that, now double 11 itself is advertising signs, the annual electricity supplier to become the most important shopping festival. The promotion began bombing and upgrading from the beginning of November, advance deduction, various seckill, red fission.相关的主题文章: