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During the Mid Autumn Festival holiday in Jingmen were tourists five hundred thousand passengers during the Mid Autumn Festival holiday this year the city’s weather, tourists travel index is higher, the city received a total of 531 thousand and 500 tourists, of which 175 thousand and 400 passengers overnight visitors, tour 356 thousand and 100 tourists, tourism comprehensive income 224 million yuan. My city around the Mid Autumn Festival and the upcoming meeting of the twelfth session of the flight, love to fly off the China Chrysanthemum Exhibition, launched a rich and colorful folk festivals and holiday tourism products. Zhongxiang City, Mo Village area during the holidays a lot of traffic coming, people such as weaving. Nearly fifty intangible cultural diet shop, ten workshops and with rich traditional ecological "Jingchu charm" of the local opera performing arts attracted the surrounding city a large number of tourists traveling by car. Pengdun village world tourist attractions held the Lantern Festival, the 30 million LED lights to create 48 lantern shape, people feel like being in the ancient lantern. Close to the city of sacred flowers during the festival opened its doors, with colorful flower fields, Romantic Flower Valley features, has become a self driving and a great place for flowers. According to the City Tourism Foreign Affairs Bureau of the relevant person in charge, the Mid Autumn Festival holiday tourists to self-help, self driving tour, Wuhan, Jingzhou, Yichang as a key source of short-term market. (reporter Gao Xianyong) sweep code big Chu Jingmen, see more exciting content!相关的主题文章: