Guangxi to carry out the first pay after the pilot hospital without deposit jiqingwuyuetian

Guangxi to carry out the first pilot hospital for diagnosis and treatment "need not pay the deposit in Nanning Guangxi daily news (reporter Zhang Ruofan)   despite the NCMS reimbursement, but a way to pay after reimbursement, remains the main reason why many poor people is difficult to see a doctor. Recently, the regional health and Family Planning Commission issued a poor area first treatment, after paying the work of the pilot program, selected the region’s 15 poverty-stricken counties (cities, districts) pilot. Participatory poverty pilot areas to participate in the NCMS, hospital discharge without deposit, only need to pay medical expenses to be borne by the individual part. Can not pay, you can also apply to the hospital installment. According to the Regional Health Planning Commission issued the "poor areas of grassroots medical institutions" treatment, post paid "pilot program", 2016 Nanning, Shanglin county 15 counties (cities, districts) pilot, 2017 extended to 54 counties (city, district), the basic poverty area medical institutions, after the first treatment and pay full coverage. To solve the participatory poverty population medical treatment funding problems, protect the poor access to basic medical and health services. "The implementation of the object, after the first treatment and pay for health cards in Guangxi poverty population of the new rural cooperative medical system. To meet the requirements of the patients to the county hospital, township hospitals and Community Health Service Center (station), a doctor at the time of admission, no need to pay a deposit of hospitalization; when discharged, only need to pay personal medical expenses to be borne by the part (i.e. deduction NCMS compensation and medical aid or new fill personal expenses after part of compensation), you can apply for the discharge formalities.     if indeed due to family difficulties, not a one-time settlement, to the local committee issued proof difficult, with the township (town) government official, and medical institutions signed the "first treatment, post paid hospitalization expenses (stage) deferred repayment agreement", is a term by medical institutions as the sure, then go through the discharge formalities. Need long-term hospitalization and medical expenses of patients with high medical institutions according to the actual situation, formulate specific measures for the settlement of medical expenses in stages, and the signing of the repayment agreement with the patients, gradually recover the personal commitment of medical expenses. The first doctor to pay is based on trust of preferential policies, need for honesty. The pilot scheme is put forward, the medical institutions to establish a sound risk control mechanism and malicious evasion of patients with early warning mechanism, prevent the occurrence of malicious evasion, default, debts and other phenomena. The introduction of good faith mechanism, the medical expenses are not settled, not according to the contract period of repayment or malicious arrears of patients, the future will be canceled enjoy the first treatment, after payment of preferential policies, and blacklisted. The establishment of hospital information system and medical information system docking mechanism, strictly examine the relevant documents filing cards and personal identification cards with NCMS etc.. 2016 – link pilot in 15 poor counties (city, district) of Nanning City, Liuzhou City, Shanglin County, Guilin City, Longsheng County, Wuzhou City, Tengxian, Fangchenggang City, Guiping City, Guigang City, Shangsi County, Yulin City, Baise Tianyang County, Lu Chuan county and Youjiang District, Hezhou City, Fuchuan Yao autonomous.相关的主题文章: