Harbin City Department of traffic peak travel or a suggestion nrf905

Harbin city traffic travel travel peak adjustment proposal or bypass life daily news October 8th National Day during the Omaha police department continued to strike the illegal traffic, the daily average of more than 8000 pieces of illegal ban. According to the traffic police department statistics, 7 days National Day, dispatched police 4222 passengers, police dispatched 719 times, investigate all kinds of traffic violations 56437, dealt with drunk driving 20. After eleven, the traffic police department will continue to focus on the bus, a taxi parked illegally on campus, illegally parked illegally parked along the ecliptic, District, illegally parked, subway and road construction around the pipe gallery illegally parked, one-way street and other types of illegally parked illegally parked phenomenon at the same time, the traffic police department will also be in the Youth Square, Majiagou primary school 5 sections surrounding gradually add large parking lot guide signs, and the parking lot surrounding the "field" Strictly Banning Illegal parking. In the end of the holiday the first working day, the traffic police department to remind the driver, in addition to avoid it, to focus attention on two construction sites, advance detour. Two, a police traffic adjustment on Hashiguchi turntable (to Tallahassee direction) due to maintenance, construction work. In addition to ha Kang An Road West to the traffic pressure will be significantly increased along the outside of Edmonton Road, Xinyang Road, Hing Road and Ring Bridge Road in Qiaokou area formed larger pass resistance etc.. The best advice: bypass or avoid it. Go to Tallahassee direction, through the auxiliary road and Anshun Street bypass; above ring bridge, can be selected in advance the way forward on the river song Street Bridge, iron Shun Street traffic organization project ONKYO Kang deck traffic has been restored. Two, with Kazakhstan metro line two hub station guide field construction, the traffic police department to train station to regional traffic organization, and the bus station position has been adjusted. Because of the new traffic sidewalk width is limited, will train station road in the direction of Nangang bus station is split into two (located on both sides of the platform 150 meters), Nangang road in the direction of the platform to the position unchanged. Recommendation: please try to avoid the construction area, the public through these areas, please try to take public transport, etc.. Ji Hongqiao, Red Army Street Road retains the original double limit line measures, drivers can bypass by the Haicheng bridge, field street.相关的主题文章: