Hawick Lau issued a response to the derailed door it is ridiculous (video) zhuxianduowan

Hawick Lau issued a response to "cheat": 5ridiculous Yang Mi Hawick Lau wedding map Hawick Lau Tencent micro-blog responded to the November 9th all star entertainment news on Hawick Lau Wang Ou broke the news that night stay in the house for 4 hours, suspected derailed. Hawick Lau responded that they are just a normal communication script." Hawick Lau evening update micro-blog responded on the matter "just from the poor signal set back, see things not so reliable 5ridiculous, speculation analysis a lot, but I’m sorry is not truth, for people to worry so much, did not expect to cause such misunderstanding, can only say that after touching the script, and also an important not in the evening chat, not in the room to talk, a long experience, thank you for reminding." Yang Mi micro-blog on the other side of Hawick Lau’s wife Yang Mi also immediately to Hawick Lau micro-blog gave a positive response, and this evening to attend a fashion festival, she took the initiative to respond to the media said: "I know you are very concerned about my feelings, but I believe that in any case hawick." Micro-blog responded Wang Ou shots and derailed the door, the actress Wang Ou in the evening also update micro-blog, she wrote humorous "can not properly play" Hawick Lau was derailed after Yang Mi first appeared to respond: I still believe Kai Wei相关的主题文章: