Hunan second instance food safety regulations can be formulated according to the requirements of foo

Hunan food safety management regulations of second instance according to the need to develop special food (original title: Regulations on food safety management in the two committee of the supervision and management of food vendors, food safety standards to improve the local characteristic food according to the need to develop quality standards) September 29th, the twelve session of the twenty-fifth meeting of the NPC Standing Committee on the "Regulations of Hunan province food the production of small food processing small workshops and food vendors Management (revised draft · two draft)". The two draft on the supervision and management of food vendors, food safety standards, legal liability and other aspects of sound. It is reported that the two draft increase stipulates: "the people’s governments at or above the county level shall take measures to support the healthy development of the production and operation of high-quality local food, traditional food food workshops, small restaurants and food vendors." The two draft provisions added: "food workshops and food vendors, small food production and operation of food shall meet the food safety standards. If there is no response to the national standards for food safety, and the requirements for food safety within the administrative region of this province are required, the health and family planning department of the provincial people’s Government shall formulate and publish the local standards for food safety according to law." "The local people’s governments of the cities and autonomous prefectures that have the functions of cultural heritage and distinctive local characteristics can organize and formulate the local characteristic food quality standards according to the actual needs." Encourage trade associations in accordance with the law to develop local characteristics of food processing requirements, regulate the local characteristics of food raw materials and methods of production, and promote the transfer of local characteristics of food." At the same time, starting from the requirements of the market economy and the unified market, the two review of the draft amendment to delete the provisions of the regulations on the production of small food workshops in bulk food is limited to the production and processing point of sale. Two review of the draft also increased the order to correct the provisions, only overdue correction is not only to be punished, and reduce the amount of punishment and penalty amount. Food vendors on the illegal behavior of the punishment, the two Draft Amendment grounds commissioned by the Township People’s government or the people’s governments at or above the county level food and drug supervision and Administration Department of the office of the streets to implement. The meeting line in our province or the implementation of total coal consumption control system in September 29th, Hunan air pollution control regulations concern "(Draft)" in the province of the twelve NPC Standing Committee twenty-fifth meeting "second", on the prevention and control measures, supervision and management and other aspects of sound. The two draft increase and refinement of the air pollution prevention and control measures, some effective system of air pollution prevention and control work in practice as a local legislation, including the high polluting coal-fired fuel pollution, increasing the total coal consumption control system, and the provisions of the relevant government departments shall formulate the total coal consumption in the long-term control target. To determine the total coal consumption control scheme and implementation steps, gradually reduce the coal in the proportion of primary energy consumption. At the same time, in view of industrial pollution, the two version adds "no brick building built area of the city; has been completed, city, autonomous prefectures and districts of the county (city, district) people’s government should be shut down by law". The two draft also clear about the motor ship use heavy oil residues, by the competent departments of the people’s governments at or above the county level of Maritime Fisheries management agencies, according to one相关的主题文章: