Illegal modification of electric vehicles rampant speed of hundreds of kilometers of security risks baxia

The electric car rampant illegal modification of hundreds of kilometers per hour securityrisks Beijing – CNR network Beijing on September 13th news (reporter Xiao Yuan) according to the China voice of "news" reports, the roar of the horn, cool lights, amazing speed around us many such modified electric bicycles, from the weight to the vehicle, from the lights to flash, are eye-catching. In some city, up to 150 kilometers per hour to modified electric car racing, refit behind, hidden security risks greatly. Illegally modified electric car parts required, everywhere can buy, Kowloon flood under the electric car modification business, who can effectively curb the illegal modification of chaos? Zhengzhou Zheng Dong New District business circles, because of its ring road design, less traffic, and some local racing enthusiasts favor. At 10 in the evening, it’s a lot of fun. "That car to one hundred and forty, one hundred and fifty have gone." "As soon as he saw the police, he ran away." The roar of cars, motorcycles, but also mixed with some silent two wheeled electric vehicles. The inner of the bridge, the starting point is racing. On the sidewalk of the bridge, three young people, aged eight, are sitting on the electric car, waiting for the friends of the game. Man a: I am the tail speed one hundred and twenty, one hundred. Reporter: this does not look great. Man a: this extension is long. A pipe burst, is pressed the horn straight, that caixing. Male B: this speed you are not suspected, this car is the oil wheel, tail speed fast slow it, the tail speed is not very slow you can burst tube, speed up. Explosion tube speed fierce well. You look at the speed of the car is the same, you change the tube burst, he quickly over you when you change the tube burst, you can move forward faster. In addition to this special field, in some places, hundreds of kilometers per hour of electric vehicles, in the street can see. A switch is screwed in the end, bent over, the shuttle in the middle of the road, is a standard action, Zheng He said every day on the bus, the speed of the excitement you feel incomparable: ride up, next to the tree. It is backwards, you still can blow you away feeling, because drag have a particularly large. Small Zheng Qi electric car battery 96 volts, a motor of 3000 watts, the car can reach speeds of up to 90 kilometers per hour. In Zhengzhou Maritime Road Electric City, there are businesses claimed that after the modification of electric vehicles, speed can reach 150 km. Reporter: so this brake can follow up? Business: follow up ah. But there is one point, it locked it. I say to you brother, under normal circumstances, if the real son by eight you can run 120, the car price, not only change the battery, motor controller, the three, the brake impairment can change what not to say, just the same. Reporter: that is a fast will flick? Business: fast it must ride this flick, dare not tell you that, if this car will play it on the inner side of play, where few people find. After 12 in the evening. The Yellow River Road, Zhengzhou, an electric car modification shop, the door is equipped with a variety of streamlined appearance of two rounds of electricity.相关的主题文章: