Implementation of the grading of the reform will bring the third hospital medical crisis – Sohu heal

The implementation of the reform of the grading treatment will give hospital medical crisis – Sohu health state increased to promote the classification treatment, now the number of patients in Internal Medicine Department of a well-known hospital nearly 1/4 less than the same period last year. According to informed sources, we think that large hospitals are overcrowded, but in fact the situation is changed, the non key specialty of some large hospitals, especially some medical departments, a decrease in the number of patients with a large proportion, is suffering big crisis. What are the factors leading to such a crisis, the main factor is that the country is currently implementing grading reform. According to the national classification treatment schedule, by 2017, grading treatment policy system gradually perfect, division and cooperation mechanism of medical and health institutions formed, high-quality medical resources effectively in order to sink, diagnosis and treatment of primary health care institutions accounted for the proportion of the total amount of treatment significantly improved; by 2020, the basic establishment of clinics grading system in line with national conditions. Under great pressure, the action begins everywhere. At the grassroots level, county health services community is widely open, the county hospital became one big party leader, in a few years the "strong grass-roots construction, many county hospitals in the diagnosis and treatment of chronic diseases has been improved to some extent, have been able to stay in the treatment of some patients. Secondly, the control system for basic drugs to the grass-roots is crumbling. Taking Henan as an example, in early September, "Henan Province medical referral management standard (Trial)" promulgated regulations, basic medical and health institutions in accordance with the higher orders of non essential drugs procurement basic medical insurance directory, to ensure continuity of patient medication and treatment. In fact, not only in Henan, taking Beijing as an example, in August this year introduced the "Beijing city classification treatment system construction 2016-2017 year key tasks", drug procurement catalog will be unified with the community hospital. It is expected that by 2017, the basic medical insurance drug list of 2510 drugs will be delegated to the community, where the hospital can be reimbursed for drugs in the community can also be reimbursed. At present, the country has many provinces issued a release based drug policy, it can be predicted that with the development of urban and rural health care system, the basic drug system for the grass-roots restrictions will completely fall apart is that these patients actually mostly to large hospital medicine, and basically is medical patients. In addition, the industry pointed out that the expansion of the local three hospitals, but also many patients remain in the field, reducing the number of patients with outflow. In the face of such disease crisis, hospital medicine how to deal with it? Experts said that these departments began to cooperate with the three or four tier cities in the hospital, to help train doctors in these hospitals, engage in remote consultation at the same time, the direct diversion of patients from these hospitals.   相关的主题文章: