Insider Fan Xin man and Xiao Qi have been together, set to force Zhang Jizhong to anger

Insider: Fan Xin man and Xiao Qi have been together, set to force Zhang Jizhong to anger fan Xin man and Zhang Jizhong in November 2nd, according to the all star on the famous director Zhang Jizhong broke the news, in the morning once again bring people back home fan Xin man forced divorce, and physical altercations, snatch fan Xin man hand machine. Zhang Jizhong, fan Xin man in residence after a short stay away, the woman was pulled at the containment: "too shameless". Fan Xin tendril has been an alarm, police rushed to the scene to resolve conflicts. The exposure of the photo, the glass door was smashed, smashed a glass pot, a scene of chaos. At the same time, insiders broke the news to the media said, Zhang Jizhong in the morning of the dispute, by fan Xin man pepper spray, cause eyes was unable to open, if not prepared, how will fan Xin man with hot water?" According to the person familiar with the matter, the same day, Zhang Jizhong and his brother back home to take personal belongings, found that there are two unidentified men in the home, and then the outbreak of dual conflict, and his brother was beaten in the fight against the disease in the world, and the next day, the two sides of the world, the first time in the fight between the two sides of the world, the two men and women in the family, and then the two brothers were hit. According to insiders, Zhang Jizhong was fan Xin man Ji cultural frame vacated as early as three years ago. Zhang Jizhong came back from the United States last month, to see the fans and Xiao Qi live at home. Zhang Jizhong was furious that fan Xin man "go out, go to Xiao Qi’s house". "After that fan Xin man made a long micro-blog, but we have not responded, because we don’t feel the need to respond to what Zhang identity there. There is no need to fight with a mad woman, so what you see is always a fan of this." Currently, the authenticity of the news can not be determined, Phoenix Entertainment will continue to focus on the matter.相关的主题文章: