King of comedy cross the ending of the war Zhang Liang sincere interpretation of feelings of Beijing cagliari exchange

"King of comedy" cross the ending of the war Zhang Liang sincere interpretation of "feelings of Beijing" – Zhang Liang Zhang Liangbai Kennan Sohu Sohu entertainment entertainment news by Beijing TV’s original comedy show "comedy cross-border cross-border competition king" 20:30 Saturday night will usher in the second half of the match in the finals. From the group stage off cited Zhang Liang again partner white Kennan, the two with the Beijing people’s ferromagnetic will collide more unexpected sparks. The two men will be locked in the eyes of the Beijing characteristics of a small alley, the interpretation of the unique Beijing feelings, it is worth looking forward to. As we all know, before becoming an actor, Zhang Liang has experienced a variety of professional roles, including the role of "Chef" as a unique symbol in the entertainment industry. To be able to successfully to the "king of comedy" cross the stage of the finals, Zhang Liang "back" and "small" Bai Kainan in the deep quiet alley deep opened a small restaurant. As the saying goes: "wine is not afraid of deep alley, although the remote location, but are attracted to find Zhang Liang’s good skills to do to spend lots of money to buy Zhang Liang a secret. While the money and interests, while and carry forward the spirit of the old Beijing heritage, how to choose the wonderful story of Zhang Liang and Bai Kainan therefore staged a hilarious but repeatedly set people thinking, attracted the audience collective resonance, JiaoHaoSheng constantly. Zhang Liang helped the old man Zhang Liang in the comedy "hilarious interpretation of chef cross king" on the stage, Zhang Liang is not a funny and funny for means to win the applause, but through every work to map out hot phenomenon in the real society, causing the audience friends heart, in a humorous manner watch the real problem, so as to achieve the majority of viewers for bad social phenomena to contemplation and alarming function. It is because of this starting point, in order to make Zhang Liang cut from a comedy "layman" step by step, finally standing on the "cross-border comedy king" on the final stage. The Saturday night 20:30 Beijing TV comedy "cross king" ending the war broke out, and a sincere heart to the interpretation of the story of Zhang Liang essay, how to fight this last battle! It is reported that the interpretation by Zhang Liang featuring urban love comedy "Dad’s 3 wedding" will be released in theaters across the board. From the first love to the wedding, from the students to the father, Zhang Liang in his own way of interpretation of an experience of 1 encounters, the situation of the 2 Yue Yue, the 3 wedding, the protagonist of the history, it is worth looking forward to!相关的主题文章: