Ma Ying-Jeou is on the court Zhou Yukou denounced the innocent; slander him 130 times (Figure)

Ma Ying-Jeou is on the court   Zhou Yukou denounced the innocent; slander him 130 times (Figure) – Taiwan channel: original title: Ma Ying-Jeou innocent court denounced Zhou Yukou slander him 130 times (Figure) Ma Ying-Jeou dissatisfaction was alluding to accepting new political donations, Zhou Yukou accused the media of aggravated defamation, the high court of Taiwan on the 30 day trial, Ma Ying-Jeou personally in court. (source: Taiwan’s "United Daily News") China Taiwan network August 31st news according to the "Taiwan times" reported China, former Taiwan leader Ma Ying-Jeou’s dissatisfaction with the Taiwan media Zhou Yukou that he received new 200 million yuan (NT, down) political contributions, accused of aggravated libel trial a week, Zhou Yukou was innocent, the horse refused to accept the appeal. Taiwan high court hearing yesterday (30 days), the horse again appear, he changed the last time appointed by the lawyer to speak, the prepared statement in court, read, denounced the week slander him 130 times, in order to earn millions of yuan to fee, but with the koumeizhelan, wantonly slander, no responsibility, never check "16 words Zhou Yukou, criticism. The year before Zhou Yukou broke "with the new group contribution? Ma Ying-Jeou is close." A horse 200 million yuan accepting new political donations, Ma Ying-Jeou thought that her speech is not real, commissioned by the counsel of aggravated defamation and civil prosecution claims 10 million yuan. Taipei district court after hearing that the week, quite good reason to believe that the contents are true criticism, sentenced her innocence, as for the civil part, still in court in the north. Ma Ying-Jeou earlier this month without warning to the high court to court, but the court did not speak, are answered by a solicitor. He is prepared to appear in court again, yesterday, took out prepared 4 point statement, firepower to why must come to Zhou Yukou. He said, his public office for 30 years, has always been clean and self-restraint, never received any illegal money, but it was the beginning of the end of the week, slander in the media he received new illegal political donations. Ma Ying-Jeou became angrier, tone to high, he said, on the Taiwan times all week female political talk shows, up to more than 10 times per week, or even last year "special investigation group" signed statement of this case is his innocence, Zhou also continued to slander, to earn millions of dollars in public notice fee, "open 130 times to slander others make money for profit, if not malicious, but what is malicious?" Ma Ying-Jeou talked excitedly, holding a statement, stressed that corruption is his life, "special investigation group" access to his family a total of 100 thousand pen funds between accounts, that there is no so-called new illegal political donations. But women are still using her week Oprah’s identity, repeatedly do not really attack, he is in the right to speak is not equal, will be on the court to sue. The court hearing lasted more than 1 hours, because Zhou Yukou remains to be the witnesses, the presiding judge Chen Xiao Hou do? Instruct the case, will draw up the witness contact after week, open trial court, for the evidence investigation. (Chinese Taiwan network (Lining) Wang Ying (Internship), commissioning editor: Liu Jieyan)相关的主题文章: