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Millet millet Note 2 Mix grab the limelight, the black technology finally do not have to be "black" – Sohu [Technews] technology science news in October 25th, millet millet NOTE 2 hyperboloid conference launched three sincerity to make, which are hyperbolic screen millet Note 2 mobile phone, VR official version of millet and millet glasses the concept of Mix mobile phone. From the conference named view, the outside world thought millet Note 2 is the protagonist, and from the actual reaction, the concept of millet model is clearly more popular Mix. What is the reason? In addition to the industry broke the news of millet Note 2, making the phone freshness greatly reduced, the first time the concept of the concept of force models outside the millet than expected, but also an important reason. The crowd was black Mix: from the outside to the inside of millet and millet technology Note 2, millet Mix is also highly oriented product design. Appearance, millet Mix uses a 6.4 inch ultra wide screen, ultra narrow border design so that this phone looks like the front and left and right sides almost no borders. Screen accounted for, millet Mix reached a staggering 91.3% (general smartphone screen accounted for about 70%). Here millet technology also did not forget to let Apple lying gun, millet Mix body and iPhone 7 Plus similar, but on the screen, millet pointed out that Mix is larger than the latter 23%. The Mix and iPhone 7 Plus contrast millet (Source: millet mobile phone micro-blog) the contrast, no wonder millet will proudly said, holding the millet Mix, "as if holding the whole world". To achieve full screen technology, the design of mobile phone handset is removed by millet, full body ceramic material to realize the function of the phone, the use of ceramic – acoustic system instead of the traditional way of handset, let millet Mix through the sound guiding body, such that no receiver can also answer the phone. Usually placed in front of the phone’s front camera, but also to allow the full screen technology, to the lower fuselage. The internal hardware, millet Mix adopts the flagship configuration, including Xiaolong 821 chip, 4GB RAM 128 GB ROM and 4400 mAh battery capacity, and a 16 million pixel camera. The Mix configuration (Source / millet: millet mobile phone micro-blog) intelligent mobile phone market change constantly, "backward" millet back beautiful a few years ago, the domestic smart mobile phone market millet mobile phone still dominate, but in 2016, millet mobile phone sales has been HUAWEI, OPPO vivo and beyond. Research Institute data show that in the first half of 2016, China’s smart phone market sales ranking, HUAWEI ranked 43 million 770 thousand in sales, OPP相关的主题文章: