Most of Shandong’s lowest temperature below the freezing point of Ji’nan today started pre heating msvbvm60.dll

Most of the Shandong minimum temperature below the freezing point in Ji’nan today to start the pre heating mass news network November 1st night drizzle gale, Qilu earth October 31st ushered in a cold morning, and during the day the highest temperature dropped to single digits, feeling very cold, it is winter night, many pedestrians on the road have been put on a down jacket, cotton padded clothes such as winter. The lowest temperature is expected to appear in the early morning, the lowest temperature in most areas will fall below freezing point. The minimum temperature dropped more than ice city issued cold warning from 30 to 31, 20 to 16, the province’s total of 95 counties (districts), 952 townships rainfall, average rainfall of 0.8 mm, equivalent to 125 million 600 thousand party content. The top 10 are: Weifang East Weifang Qingzhou 10.1 mm, 9.6 mm, 9 mm Ji’nan stone wolf Cat Mountain, Ji’nan Panlongshan Weifang River 8.9 mm, 8.8 mm, 8.4 mm Ji’nan Municipal Seismological Bureau, Zibo River 8.2 mm, Weifang yangtianshan 7.9 mm, 7.8 mm Zibo Zibo Teachers College Zibo, Qi Ling Zhen 7.7 mm. Before the cold air is not completely out, a new surge of cold air followed. Reporters learned from the Provincial Meteorological Bureau, along with the impact of the cold air, the majority of the province’s cooling 6-8. Our province issued the first winter cold wave warning. Among them, the city of Ji’nan 30 at 16:10 in the afternoon cold blue warning issued, is expected to appear in the lowest temperature this morning, Jiyang, Shanghe, Zhangqiu, minus 2 degrees, 0 degrees and other urban counties, most areas have frozen, 2 day temperature began to rise; Zibo, Linyi, Liaocheng 3 city today also released a cold blue early warning, to remind the government and relevant departments in accordance with the duties of good anti cold preparations, prompting public attention to add warm clothing, of tropical crops, aquatic products to take certain protective measures. Is expected today is still cold, northwest and inland regions, Luzhong mountain Peninsula tonight tomorrow morning will reach the minimum temperature -2 degrees Celsius, frozen, other areas of about 2 DEG C, the frost, the highest temperature during the day of the province is generally about 10 DEG C. Later this week, the weather is fine, the temperature will rise slowly, is expected to December 3rd day inland areas of maximum temperature rose to 18 degrees Celsius, 16 degrees Celsius in coastal areas. Ji’nan in November 1st began to pay attention to pre heating your home heating hot or not according to the "people in Jinan City and government office on further notice" cold weather disasters prevention work requirements, the Ji’nan Municipal Public Bureau immediately made arrangements required for the heating enterprises since November 1st to the municipal heating facilities for hot commissioning and heating to the user. For new users of heating, heating and hot commissioning in accordance with the contract agreement time. The majority of heat users to cooperate, to inspect the indoor radiator, valve, valve, and running water and avoid Water Leakage impact on your life. Heating enterprises will be dedicated to provide users with services. Members of the public can call the following telephone: according to the reporter, in order to ensure that in the formal heating season (November 15th) when the arrival of the standard heating, heating enterprises in Ji’nan generally heating.相关的主题文章: