No reliable vulgar the baby bag candle, resulting in permanent disability! Sohu –

No reliable vulgar: the baby bag candle, resulting in permanent disability! Sohu baby baby peas was born, in accordance with local customs, in the small Peas arm tied a rope. They believe that by doing so, can prevent the baby’s hand drew back from the sleeve, the two is that the baby’s arms were tied, growth will not deformity. Due to excessive force, tied to the left upper arm of the rope seriously affected the flow of blood. Wait until the afternoon of the third day the family give small peas to take a bath, take off the baby’s coat was found, small Doudou left arm has serious swelling, raisin. The doctor, because after the small Doudou Riza left arm ischemia, has caused nerve damage, muscle necrosis and other symptoms. The left arm was even unconscious, below the elbow lost movement. There are many unscientific throughout China, do not fly parenting habits, Xiaobian for everyone to take a look! 1 squeeze nipple some custom that, when the baby was born, adults need to squeeze the nipple to the baby from time to time, so that children can grow up to avoid nipple depression. Chengdu, a baby girl was born just 15 days by her grandmother according to the old rules (the girl was born in January, the need to squeeze out the nipple in the adenoid tissue), resulting in double nipple inflammation, purulent. After being sent to hospital, the girl has been crying pain, not even holding. Early childhood education experts warn that squeezing nipples to the newborn can easily lead to inflammation of the baby’s nipples. 2 to give the baby a lot of people think of the nose, the baby born nose collapse, the need to pinch the nose from the early childhood, so that the baby’s nose is very high. Preschool education experts tell you, infant nasal shorter than adults, no hair, rich in blood vessels, often pinch the nose, will affect the baby’s breathing, mucosal blood vessels and cause inflammatory reaction, easy to bacteria, virus invasion, leading to the occurrence of the disease. And pinch the nose may be infected in nasal secretions into the middle ear through the eustachian tube, causing otitis media. And most of the baby’s nose will fall when born, with age, the baby nose will show genetic characteristics. In the 3 week, is a child under the age of East Asian countries, the future baby custom read. The age of newborn, all kinds of items placed in front of the children, let it crawl, the traditional items are pens, ink, paper, inkstone, abacus, coins, books, such as money is caught when businessmen etc.. In fact, this approach has a negative effect, when adults once considered the future of the child, in his childhood and even the adult will go naturally or half unconsciously this guide, in fact, this "identified" with the child’s interest and expertise is often contrary to the. 400 Guangdong folk customs to the vegetarian diet just full moon baby eat rice paste, to plan a "head feed". This approach is not scientific. The baby’s intestinal amylase from 4 months after the beginning of secretion, then the baby began to have the ability to digest starchy foods. Premature complementary increase ah, the child will resist, hard to swallow; Digest; may cause food allergies; food borne pathogens may increase the risk of diarrhea and other diseases. 5 full moon shaved head, some local custom that the newborn fetal hair to)相关的主题文章: