Primary school students to develop these habits, benefit from a lifetime! Sohu – yo te amo

Primary school students to develop these habits, benefit from a lifetime! Sohu – maternal public number: picture book selection (ID:huibenjingxuan) preview before the free resources

family education | parent-child picture book tasting manual four good study habits preview and review habits for kids to learn new content every day, write down the difficult knowledge points, so you can go to listen to the teacher with questions, and concentrate on listen to yourself do not know where it is easier to understand the difficulty. At the same time, preview can effectively improve the child’s self-learning ability, so that children learn other things, will be faster than others to grasp the main points. The classroom 40 minutes, is simply not enough to let the children to learn the knowledge digest thoroughly, therefore, review after class can help children to deepen understanding, also can find no grasp of the problem, find out the study blind spots, timely solve the problems and leave no doubt. Listening habits of children are the most important thing in school time is class time. A class down, can not guarantee that the child has been focused, so preview before class to find out the difficulty is particularly important. Occasionally go to God but not to keep growth time can hardly be avoided, distracted habit, or to try to follow the teacher’s way of thinking. Actively raise their hands in the classroom, in the other students to answer questions, do not sit there, you can imagine yourself in the answer to the teacher’s question, in the head to come up with the answer to the question. Inspection work habits operation is an important indicator to test the learning outcomes of children. During the day to learn the knowledge, and then strengthen the consolidation of homework to do, so that it gradually into skills. Homework, writing clear, clean writing is the basic, must develop the habit of procrastination, the day of the operation will be completed on the same day, the teacher usually will not leave too much homework, if children stay up homework, it would have to consider, is not a child doing homework when distracted. After finishing homework, let the children check it again, but the parents had better look at the side together. Because the child may fool over the past, not carefully check, this is not what effect. Parents in the side to find the problem, you can give a hint in time to guide the child to find errors, but do not clearly pointed out. The habit of reading "reading thousands of books, hangwanlilu", in order to improve the learning achievement, we must first learn to read. Let the children read good extracurricular reading, not only to broaden the horizons of children, rich knowledge, but also to improve the child’s ability to express, to improve the language of great help. Three a good habit do their own thing like clothes, quilt this trifle, children should complete their own, develop their own practical ability; the night before he finished his homework, the desk clean, to use second days of books and stationery are installed; like socks, underwear that small pieces of clothing that child can clean themselves; can also help mom wash bowl, do the housework. Don’t look at the small child, but let him think he can do! Honesty is the most important painting parents相关的主题文章: