Small P teacher more than half of the entertainment actress have cut the hair of the clavicle

Small P teacher: more than half of the entertainment circle of the actress are cut from Bob to Lob, Wob, and then to the hot hair, long hair has been popular for some time, coupled with the radiation area is too large. Wanted to find a few famous hairstyle photos, found that more than half of the effortless entertainment female stars are in line with the theme of today. HOT Bai Baihe attended the CHANEL held in Beijing J12 Party; Dongyu Zhou has added a lot of self styled; recognition of the Yuan Shanshan and Guli Nazha long hair on the other; and recently cut hair of Yang Zi and Jiang Shuying also gain a lot of praise. This year to cut hair so many people there, including Europe and the United States as red star, supermodel It Girl, such as the European and American fashion circle the most representative Kendall Jenner and Victoria Beckham, Cara Delevingne was recently cut so long when it comes to clavicle, how can less large power power, since cut long hair is that of "freaky girl" title, recently again invited NewYork fashion week continues to play a super level, a variety of styles are like. In retrospect, the large power power fashionable clothing products seems to be from the new hairstyle after hanging open but do you really think you cut my hair, the rest is any play? In fact, the growth direction of the hair and curl direction radian, these are acquired with hair, hair tied, and are related to the head bias habits etc., even everyday love clothes styles will affect the second half of your hair curl direction radian. So we are in Lob, Wob, shear clavicle can finally create hair, the kind of seemingly lazy casual, practical exquisite hairstyle, but also on the run. I think this is also a lot of girls with so and so star photos, cut the same hair, the next day to return to the original reason. The effect of different modeling methods of NO.1 simple inner buckle Bob first good hair line, combing hair, smooth hair hair; in accordance with the thickness of layers, a small amount of fat 2, hair volume is divided into 3 layers; with straight hair clips from the inner clip clip when you start, the entrainment near the arc the hair at the end of the volume within the inner buckle to entrainment several times, the outermost easily clip a natural radian can be very natural. NO.2  irregular V face Bob the Bob button with oblique bangs radian is suitable for square face, or a little tough girls face is the same, you can complete the hair clip. The boundary of the hairline, comb the arch a small radian, hair dryer heating; then straight face a layer near the first clip clip clip in the top 13, the radian in the posterior segment of the tail, the tail around the second part in inward tension; buckle; the other side slightly revolute. NO.3 Lob hair clip cute Korean egg roll in accordance with the "inward outward outward" in order to create a Korean cake roll, the hair at the end can decide whether to buckle, but this year is very popular roll straight tail, Jennifer Lawrence recently very love. NO.4 time;相关的主题文章: