Super creative wedding ceremony is recommended to open a different opening

Super creative wedding wedding opening recommend to a different opening each couple want their wedding to get the one and only, and left a deep impression, so, how to make your wedding opening more creative? The latest creative wedding opening recommended, to bring you the wedding more exciting. The latest creative wedding opening recommend Retim ecstasy, singing in the KTV input in front of your sexual gratification, why don’t you come a portrait of interpretation? Select a song two best songs, the groom in the head, in the bride, imitate the stars footsteps, from near to the hand, from hug to kiss…… Not only the couple had enough of the song addiction, audience can see, classic love songs become love portrayal, threefold. The latest creative wedding ceremony – stage effects many wedding companies can provide advanced large-scale stage design, including the stage effects. Multiple background cloth can let the bride suddenly appeared in the curtain falls, the import of "balloon" can let the couple break out of the ball ", but also the rotation stage effect make the bride playing the piano while rotating there. Surprise and romantic, to meet your performance, the latest creative wedding ceremony – the proposed marriage ceremony ceremony as the opening ceremony has become the choice of many new people. Whether it is reciprocal, or flowers, will into the pool lights, one knee, to say the phrase "will you marry me?". The answer is yes, but some new people join a unique love story as background lines, situational blending, more touching. The latest creative wedding opening recommended opening dance of many hotel banquet hall equipped with professional dance floor, so you can take this opportunity to show a dancing. Waltz, Cha Cha, are very suitable for wedding atmosphere, if you can challenge the classic Tango "scent of a woman" in, will let the guests be greatly surprised. After the opening dance, bridesmaid even guests can also participate, a prelude to the wedding party form opened. The latest creative wedding ring wedding ring – opening guide is recommended as a token of love, is the indispensable important props in the wedding. Love story brings a new chapter, and the meaning of love is a new extension. Let the wedding ring first appearance, is of great significance and creative wedding opening. Looking at the flowers, slip into the hands of MC by the red line, the remote control aircraft to enter inside, is a good way to fresh. The latest creative wedding opening ceremony – the beginning of Chinese wedding celebration, but also break the tradition, the selection of exciting links as opening ceremony. For example, the matchmaker bride accompany, "pig wife" admission, admission GongChou traction and so on. Outdoors can also choose "ship like wedding", "Chinese car team", namely the festive, please elders favor, to bring new young friends.相关的主题文章: