The old Shaanxi winter to play which enjoy the scenery of the North Lake Jingpo happynewyear

The old Shaanxi winter where Lake Jingpo play enjoy the scenery of the north of Lake Jingpo in November 7th, organized by the Mudanjiang Lake Jingpo tourism group "northland scenery" 2016 Lake Jingpo winter tourism product promotion will be held in Xi’an. Xi’an City Tourism Bureau deputy inspector Wang Lin, deputy director of the Mudanjiang Municipal Tourism Bureau, said the promotion of Guo Dongxia. At the meeting, Sun Sifa, general manager of Lake Jingpo tourism group, made a detailed introduction to the new winter tourism products in Lake Jingpo this year. Sun Sifa, general manager of Lake Jingpo tourism group, introduced the promotion of Lake Jingpo, focusing on the beautiful scenery of the Lake Jingpo scenic area and the Lake Jingpo tourism new products this year, "Shaman village" and related tourism policies. Xi’an City Tourism Bureau deputy inspector Wang Lin said Lake Jingpo is the world geological park, the first national scenic area, national 5A level scenic area, located in the southeast of Mudanjiang city in Heilongjiang Province, because of the beautiful scenery, pleasant climate, Lake Jingpo is also known as the "West Lake of the north". "Shaman village", is located in the scenic Lake Jingpo Resort Pier on the lake area and lake ice, snow and ice super entertainment district is composed of two parts of Manchu traditional folk experience, there are more than 20 kinds of Manchu culture and ice entertainment project, the old shaman igloo huts, full of mystery, full of the sacrificial altar, and Manchu traditional archery, horse the sledge, small net hanging fish…… This winter, the Lake Jingpo with a mysterious snow resources Shaman culture and advantages of organic combination, to create a highly ornamental, experiential, interactive new products for tourists. In addition, this winter, tourists enjoy the authentic Manchu, Manchu, Manchu Hot pot dish pig eight bowl, soup and other delicious soup of Manchu traditional in Lake Jingpo can truly appreciate the Manchu traditional folk customs. Lake Jingpo launched "Shaman village" new tourism products, is an innovation for the traditional snow tourism project and improvement, is to implement an effective attempt for the governor of Heilongjiang Province, Lu Hao put forward the "integrated marketing" mode of scenic spots. This year the winter tourism released by new products, for the scenic better future deeper development of winter tourism has laid a good foundation, is a combination of sports and tourism ", in Lake Jingpo held three consecutive session of the National Youth winter sunshine sports conference" was more plentiful cultural supplement. This is the first time for the Lake Jingpo tourism group for the country’s key tourist source market independent contractors, focus on organizing the appearance of large tour promotion. "The core connotation of Shaman village" tourism product is a showcase of traditional Shamanism culture, create a winter shaman of the village, so that the Lake Jingpo tourism products on the basis of the original product is more systematic, more rational consumption structure. These winter tourism new product launch, has also been a positive response from the majority of tourism enterprises and travel and extensive participation in a timely manner to the forefront of the market information to the project construction, provides accurate theoretical support for the planning and design of the new Lake Jingpo winter tourism products, but also influence the market driven group bring a lot of positive for all. The "northland scenery" 2016 Lake Jingpo winter tourism products promotion in addition to Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Harbin, Jilin and other relatively mature tourism market for the promotion of new products, added to Shandong river.相关的主题文章: