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The "red flag" in West Zhang sought even millet red is blown out by the audience entertainment Sohu – Zhang Su called "red Idol" Sohu 80 anniversary of the victory of the long march entertainment news gift Chinese Red Army, TV drama "the red flag manjuan West" is the Oriental TV hit. A lot of the audience started and ran to Zhang Jiayi the old drama of bone, but slowly but a windfall "yen value male" — Zhang su. Fans in the comments have written Zhang Su acting excellent, Zhang Su this role is too funny I decided to chase, more and more people find the new world, like the handsome boy. In the play, Zhang Su starred actor Li Zhiyuan, a student from the wealthy son, after the baptism of War slowly, grow up as an outstanding communist fighter. Zhang Su said, I love the character of Li Zhiyuan, he also revealed that in the "red flag" in full growth, get too much, not only including a wave of teachers, friends, and suffered a "wounded". Li Zhiyuan is my mirror music do red idol Zhang Su eyes Zhiyuan, is a caring, the overall situation of the people. When they turned away, brothers, love, the frustrations behind, he remained steadfast in their belief, emotional sacrifice for the revolution. Zhang Su said Li Zhiyuan let him have the feeling of "mirror": "he has many similarities with my character, for example, stick to it, as long as I look for the one thing I will stick to it, no matter how many difficulties and obstruction. So when I saw the script, I immediately get excited, to know, to meet a favorite and let them have the impulse to deduce the role, is not easy." The play has been shut down for more than 2 months, surprisingly, Zhang Su still can blurt out some drama classic lines, "everyone has their own choice, there is no right or wrong, when you choose the firm, will be sublimated into belief, if to this belief, you can abandon the intergrowth of life so, what can not be discarded." Such a long crosstalk back to let people see not only can recite fluently from memory, it is a basic skill from an actor, even found he was deeply involved in the role of the soul, "the firm to be attractive to me, so these words I have to remember now." The audience said Zhang Su "love red Idol", because he was in a lot of red revolution theme drama, "the postman", "flames of Liangshan", "the Yellow River heroes", his appearance, temperament and awe inspiring. For this title, Zhang Su said it is love, don’t worry about being finalized, "really, my war drama has been fond of setting, said, I have no worries too much, for such a positive energy role, I do." I very hard fried millet Zhang a bold very young, but are "brave", "red flag" throughout the filming process insists no substitute, such as riding the horse particularly dangerous, but I just don’t want to use a substitute. Not because of curiosity, in fact, I am afraid, but in order to be true, in order to better feel the role itself, I think it is better to personally fight." In the "red flag" in west"相关的主题文章: