The reduction in good faith – 2017 K50 1.5L Rachel (video) sayu-02

The reduction in good faith – 2017 K50 1.5L[Abstract: Rachel opened, this quiet ancient ancient buildings everywhere reveals the "King", a city is also the editor has been longing for. The autumn season, the car had the opportunity to Rachel was invited to the coveted opening, feel the eight dynasties in history, at the same time to witness 2017 K50 upgrade Rachel listed first 2017 K50 (Rachel feel ginseng, pictures, inquiry) to our surprise and sincerity. To create a new era of K50 MPV Chinese Rachel K50 Rachel happiness listed listed since 2015, positioning compact MPV it with a car driving experience and large space seven and super low cost, won the recognition of consumers, the market performance is very good, even succeeded in getting the independent brand sales in this level in the first ten. In order to meet the needs of consumers, to further improve the car, to enhance the competitiveness of products, Rachel K50 also ushered in a facelift, 2017 models with configuration upgrade and lower the price of many listed in the opening in September 28th, 4.48~6.08 million price also let young consumers more easily. And after the listing of the first time we get a price of 60 thousand and 800 of the manual luxury real car, we’ll look at this one full sincerity, it should be the business of IKEA MPV bar! Appearance, 2017 K50 compared with the old models did not change, still using the family type design, straight waterfall grille, hale and hearty, simple lines are in line with the old section. While the new models of the integrated rear-view mirror steering lamp function, and the whole system comes standard with a roof rack, and new models to increase young people love the red desert and deep blue two colors, also let consumers have more color choices. The design is in line with the old section, but still let the fashion, and not the traditional independent brand MPV dull expression. Grille with straight waterfall type design, a car feeling, also used the headlights and grille design to open his eyes together make the more generous in the vision. The headlight design with the now popular open eye design, shape is also more tough. The added lens, beam with mirror, steering lamp arranged in the lamp group. Real models equipped with fog lights, and is equipped with a lens, surrounded by black surrounded, enhance the sense of movement, the front bumper beneath the chrome trim through the front, a joint venture brand feeling, to further enhance the front face of the delicate and fashion. The side of the body, swooping waist and body looks very athletic. The size of the K50 and the same old, long × wide × high 4450mm× 1760mm× 1790mm, wheelbase reached 2755mm, so that the body size of the car body has a good space. Is the standard K50 rearview mirror integrated steering lamp function, and the use of LED light source, this configuration can be said to be very good, but also can make the electrically adjustable rearview mirror. K50 in the old wing lights replaced!相关的主题文章: