The wedding of Victoria Song and Yang’s feelings – pear drop farewell child heart (video) winfast

The wedding of Victoria Song and Yang’s feelings "-" pear drop farewell child heart city > > _36 > click on the video to watch "-" Tencent, Tencent entertainment with Picasso (William Feng ornaments) on the sword of the spirit is eliminated, the pear falls (Victoria Song ornaments) and the Castle finally broke the taboo God of love, there is lovers, hand in hand into the marriage hall. Just as the wedding ceremony, seemingly happy situation but bloodshed, Sang Lan (Medina ornaments) handheld Excalibur pear drop "bite injury, long winded so the couple between yin and Yang, child mingles put tear mace. The most tragic fall: pear dream wedding child heart farewell yesterday in the plot, the pear falls a wedding shows feminine words, "where are you, I naturally where" her life aspirations, Rouqingsishui eyes swept the valiant man style, the happiness index report. Unfortunately, the wedding ceremony, the pear falls good times don’t last long, to save the Sakura empty release, bite the sword through her body, in the face of "fear God eater Excalibur", as mortal nature lost its power to fall pear. "I’m really happy to be your wife, but only one day, in the moment and Castle farewell, the pear falls pale, shed tears, the sky snow collocation words from the bottom of the heart to add cold feeling, tear index upgrade again. Through many obstacles, "long winded" couples get thousands of blessings but still not able to dependents. Most women fall death ": pear protects the life I keep my messenger pear drop" "-" since the broadcast, the pear falls has been Cemayangbian the handsome appearance, female is best Zuiwo pear drop synonym. Let Dan from Yan (Zhang Meng ornaments) to flog their temporary loss of power, to sign a life for a life and death into the contract with Oracle, the pear falls never afraid of sacrifice, do their best to protect the castle thoroughly, its heart is really the whole world can. Even if it is an important juncture in his wedding, the bride beautiful pear drop can "switch" back to the female model, "Aiwujiwu" as Sakura empty release blocked a fatal blow. Even if this knocks the pear falls CaSO Tianrenyongge, she even all don’t give up, no regrets to protect people, protect the castle to cherish the people from harm, will cause the spirit of users praise, but also more pear drop this role is covered with a layer of tragedy. Bite the sword of infinite power, frozen pear drop will change what fate? The pear falls child heart farewell edge Syracuse, Victoria Song "-" trip to this end? Please pay attention to more exciting Hunan TV "-", and the pear falls together to keep love people.相关的主题文章: