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Young scholars on both sides: the only Taiwan authorities recognized the "92 consensus", in order to stabilize cross-strait relations — Taiwan channel — original title: Young Scholars on both sides: the only Taiwan authorities recognized the "92 consensus", cross-strait relations can stabilize the Xinhua news agency in Beijing on 8 September, by the Taiwan center of the KMT Central Committee and China Youth Development Association Co hosted the fourteenth cross-strait youth forum held here on the 8 day view. The participants suggested that the 92 consensus is the basis for the development of cross-strait relations the most basic political mutual trust, cross-strait exchanges and economic exchanges between the two sides to provide political mutual trust protection. Only the Taiwan authorities recognize the 92 consensus, cross-strait relations will be able to return to stable development. The forum, nearly 20 cross-strait youth scholars to and promote the generation of cross-strait social trust as the theme, discusses the current situation how to promote cross-strait exchanges and communication, promoting the construction of the overall integration and trust between the two sides of the society. Quanguotailian research department deputy researcher Gao Peng think, how to establish and expand and accumulate mutual trust, is an important problem in the cross strait relations. It is very important to establish the mutual trust between the two sides of the Strait to reduce the uncertainty and insecurity in the cross-strait exchanges, to reduce the conflict between the two sides, to cultivate common interests, and to promote the healthy development of Cross Straits relations. Gao Peng pointed out that cross-strait social trust affected by political factors. Over the past 8 years, cross-strait relations on the basis of the "consensus" on the basis of the peaceful development of the 92 sides, the two sides of social trust is also progressing smoothly. In May this year, Democratic Progressive party refused to recognize the core meaning of 92 consensus "and both sides belong to one of the cross-strait relations in trouble, on both sides of social trust are severely affected. Assistant Professor, the new university in Taiwan China Youth Development Association chairman Wang Zheng pointed out that the "92 consensus" is the foundation of political trust of the basic development of cross-strait relations, to provide protection for the political trust of cross-strait civilian exchanges and economic and trade exchanges. Cross-strait relations ups and downs of the course shows that only the ruling authorities in Taiwan recognize the 92 consensus, cross-strait relations can be stable development. He said that the DPP refused to recognize the 92 consensus, cross-strait political trust will be difficult to rebuild. In this case, it will be very important to consolidate and deepen the mutual trust between the two sides of the Taiwan Strait through the support of the two sides of Taiwan. Young scholars attending the meeting also said that Taiwan is an important part of mutual trust between the two sides should continue to vigorously promote cross-strait youth exchanges, enhance understanding. Cross strait youth forum is dedicated to the point of view, to explore the cross-strait youth: dialogue and exchange platform for academic affairs, exchange ideas, research on cross-strait relations to build, topic covers both sides of the political, economic and cultural exchanges. (Qi Xianghui) (Wang Ying (Intern), commissioning editor: Liu Jieyan)相关的主题文章: