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Zhanhua jujube (  Chinese on the beautiful autumn; charming) – Shandong Channel – attractive jujube on people.com.cn. Photo by reporter Li Weina Zhang Shengqing in the jujube picking jujube. Photo by reporter Li Weina Jiang Yuxiang and a couple of Dongzao crisp sweet. Newspaper reporter Li Weina photo of autumn is getting stronger, Zhanhua Shandong District Binzhou city into the colorful season, alternating red and green grass Suaeda australis, white catkins flying birds south. A piece of jujube, red dates with branches. "People work hard, day help, this year is the year of high yield." The hanging "Se jujube" brand of jujube in Zhanhua area wa Zhen Yu Jia Cun Jiang Yuxiang their busy jujube fruit. Jiang Yuxiang has 20 years of jujube, took 20 years to write a diary date. This year he planted 15 acres of jujube, is expected to profit 3389 yuan. Jujube gabengcui, no pollution, a year to sell is located in the hinterland of the Yellow River Delta in Zhanhua, there are thousands of years of history of jujube cultivation, at present the jujube planting area of 500 thousand mu, total output of up to 750 million pounds this year jujube. Depression town is Zhanhua’s most important areas of winter jujube. These days, the Township Hall Road permanent jujube market bustling, farmers with baskets, baskets of jujube from surrounding the village to gather. Vice mayor Gao Xiangfeng pointed to the rows of trucks, tricycle said: "look, five jujube Town is next to the car, the car full of people, than the new year are busy." "From the acquisition of Zhanhua jujube, gabengcui, no pollution, a year to sell." The old man from Zibo, who is busy with a piece of cardboard, asks about the harvest plan." Express sent to the country’s major cities." Keep the group of professional cooperatives sell jujube jujube by the electricity supplier Wang Shouqun tired face showing up, "to the sales peak, the estimated day delivery million pounds or more, have to hire a dozen people to help." "The emperor’s daughter does not worry about marrying". In recent years, their sun never Guanpeng Xi Sun Cun home jujube market sent a worry: "the line of collocation to sell. The beginning of August merchants came to the door, about 400000 yuan worth of jujube, also on the tree is all booked up." Ecological cultivation in the hearts of the people, the physical and chemical control of pests and diseases gradually replace pesticide quality is good, do not worry about selling a good price." Under wa Zhen Xi Sun Cun Zaonong Ding Taiping said that this year he passed the reasonable thinning and fruit thinning will yield from 2000 kg to 1000 kg, jujube quality has been improved, for example, the new variety "with winter two" per kilogram can be sold for 80 yuan to 100 yuan, is 10 times more than the ordinary price of jujube. The insect was a major problem of ecological planting of winter jujube. In earlier years, in order to prevent bug pests such as jujube, to fight drugs from jujube flowering. The effect of some pesticides residues exceed the standard of winter jujube, jujube quality, and even affect the reputation of Zhanhua jujube. Today, the ecological cultivation has been deep in the hearts of farmers in Zhanhua, pest control methods are gradually replacing pesticide spraying. In the village of Dongping depression Town, farmer Wang Chunyue pointed to the hanging plate and the jujube armyworm lantern like mothkilling pot, plate, jar packed full of bug trap: "now basically do not have what medicine." ")相关的主题文章: